Tax Diagnostic Review

Kendati regulasi pajak telah dipersiapkan dengan sangat baik, namun kontroversi dan area abu-abu terkait dengan penerapannya masih sering ada. Spesialis Pajak di Perusahaan mungkin memiliki pengetahuan, pengalaman, namun memiliki waktu yang terbatas untuk terus memperbaiki diri mengenai regulasi yang baru dikeluarkan sehingga dapat mempengaruhi bisnis secara signifikan. Kondisi ini dapat menimbulkan risiko dan konsekuensi yang signifikan bagi perusahaan akibat dari penerapan yang tidak tepat terhadap regulasi pajak. Apabila risiko-risiko tersebut tidak dikelola dengan baik, individu dan perusahaan akan menghadapi beban pajak yang sangat besar bagi bisnis mereka.



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Tax Invoice for the Construction Business

As a result of being subject to Final Income Tax on their revenue, the construction service business is one of the business activities that receive different tax treatment from other general industries. When this occurs, the tax reported on their Annual Corporate Income Tax Return is typically zero if they are only engaged in a

Requests for Non-Effective Status as Individual Taxpayer

Requests for Non-Effective Status as Individual Taxpayer – Indonesia collects taxes using a self-assessment system. This system necessitates tax calculation, payment, and reporting by taxpayers themselves. To ensure that not every taxpayer must pay taxes, the government offers exemptions. Taxpayers whose income is below the non-taxable income are eligible for this exemption. Every taxpayer who

Cryptocurrency as Assets and Income: Understanding Your Tax Responsibilities

The development of technology is rapidly changing the business landscape, including the emergence of cryptocurrency, or digital currency. Unlike the conventional form of currency, cryptocurrency has no physical form and there are now many types of it in the market, which are widely traded as investment instruments. Annual Income Tax Return for Individual Taxpayers (“IITR”)

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