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Business and Legal Advisory services provide professional guidance and support to companies and individuals on a range of legal and business matters. The goal of these services is to help clients make informed decisions, minimize risk, and achieve their business goals effectively and efficiently.


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Volatile legal landscape of Indonesia exposes wide-range of parties to immeasurable risks. Throughout the years, the development of regulations by the Indonesian Government have been quite exponential, as a result of the ever changing business landscape. The constantly evolving regulation may pose a big threat towards enterprises at any level if not recognized at the right moment and manner.

Businesses and individuals may need assistance interpreting and complying with laws related to their operations or activities. TaxPrime can provide guidance on a wide range of legal issues, including contract negotiation & review, regulatory compliance, and conflict management. We will help you identify potential legal risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. In addition, our legal advisory services can help protect individuals and organizations from legal liabilities and ensure compliance with the law.

TaxPrime is always ready to inform, assist, and guide you through Indonesia’s complex legal landscape. We are here to help you navigate the legal system and make informed decisions that protect your very best interests.

As time passes, businesses expand and grow through the test of time, this condition may require business owners to further develop their own businesses. Establishing a new business may not be an overly complicated task, but if not planned and executed properly, it may have a detrimental effect on the continuity of the business itself.

We recognize the importance of realizing a viable opportunity, hence, we provide thorough assistance for business establishments. This includes services such as Establishment Planning and Incorporation Assistance.

With our assistance, you can plan ahead of your business expansion, while also ensuring that every step is compliant to the applicable regulations. It is our pride to be able to provide assistance that exceeds excellence.

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