Tax and Customs Compliance

Each company has its own uniqueness in business strategy as well as its transaction. However, the types of transactions carried out tend to be typical, even though it is possible to emerge a new type of transaction, both domestic and foreign transaction. TaxPrime, as one of the leading tax consultants in Indonesia, opines that different business strategies implemented by and types of transactions involved in the companies might lead to different perceptions between companies and tax and customs authorities for the periods ahead. 

To manage such potential differences, TaxPrime believes that it is necessary to perform periodic controls and build good relationships based on professionalism with the tax and customs authorities. TaxPrime offers one of the fundamental solutions to perform control and establish good relations by providing tax and customs compliance services.

An important function of the tax and customs compliance services is to minimize potential differences of perceptions with the tax and customs authorities by conducting a review on tax and customs transactions involved in the company. Not only does it help companies in maintaining good relations with tax and customs authorities, this function helps ease tax and customs authorities in supervising the company’s taxation and customs compliance.

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