Tax Facilities Provided in the Context of Realizing Nusantara Capital (IKN)

The President of the Republic of Indonesia has issued Government Regulation Number 12 of 2023 (PP 12). This regulation was made in order to make the Nusantara Capital as a sustainable city in the world. To achieve this objective, the government provides tax facilities that are specifically applicable to the Nusantara Capital.

VAT on Ecommerce in Indonesia

E-Commerce or PMSE is a form of trade that uses digital technology, such as websites, applications, and other platforms, to carry out buying and selling transactions. Businesses using PMSE are required to pay attention to taxation aspects related to PMSE.

Tax Facilities for IKN

The President of the Republic of Indonesia has issued Government Regulation Number 12 of 2023 (PP 12), which regulates business permits, ease of doing business, and investment facilities for business players in the Nusantara Capital.

Shortening the Preliminary Investigation Period

The Ministry of Finance issued Minister of Finance Regulation (MoF Reg) Number 177 of 2022 which contains new guidelines on procedures for the Preliminary Investigation of criminal acts in the field of taxation.

PP 55

Government Regulation number 55 of 2022 is a regulation to implement the provisions of Article 4 paragraph (2) letter e, Article 4 paragraph (3) letter a number 1, Article 17 paragraph (2e), and Article 32C of Law Number 7 of 2021 concerning Tax Regulations Harmonization Law.

Changes in Application of Value Added Tax

PP 44 regulates several new substances and refines the substances that have been regulated in the previous Government Regulation as a follow-up to the Law on Tax Harmonization Chapter of Value Added Tax.

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Sosialisasi UU HPP Cluster Pajak Karbon (Carbon Tax)

As it is known, the Tax Regulation Harmonization Law (UU HPP) was enacted on October 29th, 2021, in which the UU HPP contains additions and changes to several tax-related regulations.

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