OBJECTION FILING: A Smooth Tax Dispute Process

Many people believe that resolving a dispute entails a series of complicated processes, a tense courtroom environment, or the fear of difficult questions.

Procedure for Filling in Information on Tax Invoices Based on PER 24 of 2012 in Construction Service Businesses

As a result of being subject to Final Income Tax on their revenue, the construction service business is one of the business activities that receive different tax treatment from other general industries. When this occurs, the tax reported on their Annual Corporate Income Tax Return is typically zero if they are only engaged in a

Requests for Non-Effective Status as Individual Taxpayer

Requests for Non-Effective Status as Individual Taxpayer – Indonesia collects taxes using a self-assessment system. This system necessitates tax calculation, payment, and reporting by taxpayers themselves. To ensure that not every taxpayer must pay taxes, the government offers exemptions. Taxpayers whose income is below the non-taxable income are eligible for this exemption. Every taxpayer who


The development of technology is rapidly changing the business landscape, including the emergence of cryptocurrency, or digital currency. Unlike the conventional form of currency, cryptocurrency has no physical form and there are now many types of it in the market, which are widely traded as investment instruments. Annual Income Tax Return for Individual Taxpayers (“IITR”)

Taxation on Real Estate Sector in Indonesia

Real Estate industry is a sector that has bright prospects in the future. This positive outlook is supported by an increasingly large population, which can impact demand in the property sector. As a result, there are many developments in various areas such as residential areas, apartments, hotels, shopping centers, and office buildings. Even though it

Income Tax and Value-Added Tax in Peer-to-Peer Landing Financial Technology

Financial Technology is one of the technological developments that began to bloom in Indonesia around 2015. Where the emergence of Financial Technology was marked by the establishment of the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFI). Financial Technology combines two aspects of technology and finance into one innovation that can make it easier for humans to carry out

Activation and Implementation of e-PBK

The DGT has officially implemented online overbooking (e-PBk) nationwide. e-PBK is an application for submitting the overbooking request electronically as an alternative to submitting an application letter for the overbooking (PBK) by paper.

Understanding Hostage-Taking as the Implementation of Ultimum Remedium in Tax Collection

In legal terminology, there is a principle called Ultimum Remedium, which means that criminal law should be used as a last resort in enforcing the law. This principle is also adopted in Indonesian Tax Law.

Understanding Taxation for Influencers

Through Social Network Analytics (SONETA) system, DGT can view and compare PPh and VAT data on social media. DGT also optimizes DGT Enterprise search to analyze taxpayers, such as family members, assets to company ownership.

Tax Perspectives on Donations

Donations are costs which incurred voluntarily and without any coercion. Under Indonesian tax regulations, donations costs are not allowed to be deducted when calculating taxable income.

Tax on International Toll Manufacturing Service for Children's Toy Production

The industries diversity in Indonesia poses its own challenges in tax calculations. One industry that is unique is international contract manufacturing.

Tax Objection An Happy Tax Dispute Process

In Taxpayer’s mind, especially the common people in undergoing tax dispute resolution, is to be in a room that has judges, prosecutors, and all the people involved in it which is shrouded in a tense atmosphere from the beginning to the end of the hearing. But the fact is that there is one tax dispute resolution process that is not “creepy” that is, namely the Tax Objection Filing process.


Andersen Global enters the Indonesian market with collaborating firm Soewito, Fajar & Partners, operating as TaxPrime, one of the largest tax firms in the country.

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Sosialisasi UU HPP Cluster Pajak Karbon (Carbon Tax)

As it is known, the Tax Regulation Harmonization Law (UU HPP) was enacted on October 29th, 2021, in which the UU HPP contains additions and changes to several tax-related regulations.

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