Customs Audit and Appeal Assistance

Firms without adequate resources, including trained staff in customs are at risk. It’s crucial to establish internal controls and quality assurance procedures, but these controls are ineffective without proper monitoring and follow-up.

Our team of experienced advisors will support your company throughout the audit process and represent you in case of disputes. Unlike other consulting firms, we prioritize resolving disputes efficiently rather than taking them to tax court.


Customs Audit Assistance includes advice, consultation, data analysis, representation, and appropriate responses to auditors during a customs audit, all in accordance with current regulations. Our team will also use their extensive experience to minimize the risk of a customs audit and manage any disputes that may arise.

Customs disputes may arise at any time when you defend positions to authorities. They often stem from confusion or ambiguity in the application of customs regulations, or from a lack of defense strategy. They may also result from a lack of understanding of customs regulations. 

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TaxPrime will assist in understanding and managing customs disputes and related risks, and provide consultation services to defend your customs position, relieving you from any dispute resolution cases.

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