Navigating New Benefit In Kind (BIK) Taxation Under Minister of Finance Regulation Number 66 Year 2023

MoFR 66/2023 effective from 1 July 2023, complements significant transformation of benefit and/or in-kind tax treatment as firstly mandated in the Harmonization of Tax Regulations (HPP Law). The HPP Law revolutionized taxation of BIK by making BIK-related expenses deductible for employers and taxable for employees. This newsletter delves into the implications of these changes for both employers and employees, aiming to elucidate the complexities and guide stakeholders through the transition.

PER 1 PP 2024

The Chief Justice of the Tax Court has established new guidelines regarding the procedures for requesting legal representation authorization from the Tax Court, namely PER-1/PP/2024 dated February 5, 2024.

PMK 66 Tahun 2023

MoFR 66/2023 or PMK 66, enhances tax treatment, aligning with the Harmonization of Tax Regulations (HPP Law) transformation

Perhitungan PPh 21 Baru menggunakan TER

GR-58/2023 and MoFR-168/2023 about the transformation of tax rates and calculation mechanisms in Article 21 Withholding Tax in Indonesia

PMK 79 2023

The government has issued the MoFR 172/2023 centered on the Implementation of the Arm’s Length Principle in Indonesia.

PMK 79 2023

The government has issued the MoFR 79/2023 regarding Assessment Procedures for Tax Purposes.

PMK 72 tahun 2023 Recent Provisions on Depreciation and Amortization

PMK 72 tahun 2023 (MoFR 72/2023) regarding the Depreciation of Tangible Assets and/or Amortization of Intangible Assets.

PMK 66 terkait natura dan kenikmatan

Minister of Finance Regulation Number 66 of 2023 regarding the Income Tax Treatment of Compensation or Remuneration Received or Obtained in the Form of Benefits In-Kind.

Adjustment of Tax Collection PMK 61 2023

MoFR 61 of 2023 explains the requirements and procedures for the request and provision of Tax Collection Assistance based on international agreements between the DGT and authorized officials in the Partner Countries.

Rates and Collecting Mechanism of Value-Added Tax on Collateral Transfer

Minister of Finance Regulation (MoF Reg) Number 41 of 2023 regulates VAT on the AYDA by the Creditors to the Collateral Buyers, which is effective as of May 1, 2023.

VAT on Ecommerce in Indonesia

The Ministry of Finance has issued Minister of Finance Regulation No. 60/PMK.03/2022 as a replacement for PMK Number 48/PMK.03/2020.

Tax Facilities for IKN

This PP No. 12 of 2023 regulates business permits, ease of doing business, investment facilities, supervision, and evaluation for businesses in the IKN.

Shortening the Preliminary Investigation Period

MoF no. 177/pmk.03/2022 regarding the Procedure for Examining Preliminary Evidence of Criminal Acts in the Field of Taxation.

pp 55

GR number 55 of 2022 is a regulation concerning Tax Regulations Harmonization Law.

Changes in Application of Value Added Tax

PP No. 44 Tahun 2022 regarding the Application of Value Added Tax on Goods and Services and Luxury Goods Sales Tax.

Income Tax Treatment for Transfer of Interest Participation in Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities

PP Number 93 of 2021 amends the definition of Participating Interest in the oil and gas sector, repealing PP Number 27 of 2017.

Sales Tax on Luxury Goods for Vehicles

Indonesia combats vehicle pollution, promotes electric cars, and provides tax incentives for transitioning to cleaner transportation.

Income Tax and Value-Added Tax on The Implementation of Financial Technology

Income Tax and Value-Added Tax on Financial Technology implementation based on Minister of Finance Regulation Number 69/PMK.03/2022

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