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Many of our advisors at TaxPrime have previous experience working at the Directorate General of Taxes, including some in high-level positions. Our Litigation & Dispute team has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of taxation, and by having a deep understanding of both the taxpayer and DGT’s perspectives, we can approach disputes with a range of strategic and effective solutions, even for such rare and unprecedented cases.

The Litigation and Dispute Division will focus on ensuring fair regulations for both the government and taxpayers, as well as resolving disputes effectively. Our approach is different from other consulting firms as we prioritize resolving disputes at the earliest manner rather than at tax court level.

efficient tax dispute resolution

Our team will assist you with dispute resolution package services related to tax objection assistance which covers advice, consultation, data mining, representation, and response to Tax Authority during tax objection processes under the framework of rights and obligations of the Company stipulated by the prevailing regulations.

TaxPrime team is ready to provide you with assistance in the resolution of certain tax dispute cases that require tax lawsuit as the best possible legal procedure. Our prominent understanding of general provisions and procedures of Indonesian taxation has enabled us to strengthen your legal formal standing against the Tax Authority in the tax court.

Our tax appeal assistance covers advice, consultation, data mining, representation, and response to the Tax Authority during the tax appeal processes in accordance with the prevailing tax regulations. With our more than 20 Tax Attorneys, we will leverage our extensive experiences in dealing with tax appeals and tax disputes that would allow us to reach an acceptable outcome from such procedures.

Our team will assist you to prepare a request for a judicial review of the Tax Court’s decision to the Supreme Court. Judicial review is the final legal effort to resolve tax disputes. Tax and legal knowledge along with the capability to draw opinions is the key success to convince the judge to grant judicial review. Work experience as tax examiner and objection reviewer at tax authority, has significantly built our expertise in taxation. We are also able to assist you to prepare contra memorials against judicial review filed by the tax authority. Any regulations and legal opinion that can strengthen  the legal basis of tax court judges are highly required so that the Supreme Court judges are convinced that the court rulings are based on the applicable tax regulations.

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