Our goal of tax services is to help clients minimize their tax liability and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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As regulatory requirements become more numerous and complex, managing compliance with tax regulations can be difficult. It is important to have a thorough understanding of recent regulations in order to avoid penalties and loss.

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At TaxPrime, we have a team of trustworthy and seasoned professionals who specialize in tax audit assistance. TaxPrime’s Tax Audit Assistance includes providing advice, consultation, data analysis, representation, and appropriate responses to tax auditors during the audit process, in accordance with current tax laws.

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Many of our advisors at TaxPrime have previous experience working at the Directorate General of Taxes, including some in high-level positions. The Litigation and Dispute Division will focus on ensuring fair regulations for both the government and taxpayers, as well as resolving disputes effectively.

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Our in-depth understanding of tax regulation aspects across business fields at both local and international level help you set up sound policies to structure tax efficient business processes.

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With in-depth knowledge of industries, our team will provide you strategies and advice on domestic and foreign tax issues which align with your company’s operations.

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Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring transactions are often complex, time-critical, and highly specialized. Companies must manage tax risk and optimize future net cash flows when making those transactions.

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In order to attract more capital investment into Indonesia, the Government has implemented various tax facilities that can benefit taxpayers who are conducting business in specific industries or regions. At TaxPrime, we specialize in providing advisory services to assist your company in obtaining these tax facilities.

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Regardless how perfect tax regulations are prepared, controversies and grey associated areas concerning their application still usually exist. In other in-house tax specialists may have limited knowledge, experiences, and time to keep updated with the recently issued regulations that influence business greatly. This condition will create significant risks and consequences to Individuals and Companies due to improper application of tax regulations. If such risks are not managed well, Individuals and Companies will create huge tax burdens for their business.

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TaxPrime Tax Briefing
PMK 66 Tahun 2023

TaxPrime has conducted a Tax Briefing: PMK No. 66 Tahun 2023, in collaboration with our valued clients through an online platform, exemplifying TaxPrime’s unwavering dedication to imparting knowledge and fostering tax compliance.


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PMK 72 tahun 2023 Recent Provisions on Depreciation and Amortization

PMK 72 tahun 2023 (MoFR 72/2023) regarding the Depreciation of Tangible Assets and/or Amortization of Intangible Assets.

PMK 66 terkait natura dan kenikmatan

Minister of Finance Regulation Number 66 of 2023 regarding the Income Tax Treatment of Compensation or Remuneration Received or Obtained in the Form of Benefits In-Kind.

Adjustment of Tax Collection PMK 61 2023

MoFR 61 of 2023 explains the requirements and procedures for the request and provision of Tax Collection Assistance based on international agreements between the DGT and authorized officials in the Partner Countries.

Procedure for Filling in Information on Tax Invoices Based on PER 24 of 2012 in Construction Service Businesses

As a result of being subject to Final Income Tax on their revenue, the construction service business is one of the business activities that receive different tax treatment from other general industries. When this occurs, the tax reported on their Annual Corporate Income Tax Return is typically zero if they are only engaged in a

Requests for Non-Effective Status as Individual Taxpayer

Requests for Non-Effective Status as Individual Taxpayer – Indonesia collects taxes using a self-assessment system. This system necessitates tax calculation, payment, and reporting by taxpayers themselves. To ensure that not every taxpayer must pay taxes, the government offers exemptions. Taxpayers whose income is below the non-taxable income are eligible for this exemption. Every taxpayer who


The development of technology is rapidly changing the business landscape, including the emergence of cryptocurrency, or digital currency. Unlike the conventional form of currency, cryptocurrency has no physical form and there are now many types of it in the market, which are widely traded as investment instruments. Annual Income Tax Return for Individual Taxpayers (“IITR”)

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