Merger & Acquisition

Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring transactions are often complex, time-critical, and highly specialized. Companies must manage tax risk and optimize future net cash flows when making those transactions. Tax planning before the transactions can add significant value to every merger, acquisition, and restructuring transaction. Such planning is essential to mitigate the tax risk following the transaction.

Our team delivers in-depth analysis and helps you to carry out pre-acquisition due diligence, assess and mitigate merger and acquisition risks and ensure a tax-efficient transaction. Our services include advising on the tax structure of the deal, identifying potential tax savings opportunities, and ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations. In addition, we help you with post-transaction integration for cross-border M&A transactions. Mergers and acquisitions are regulated by various laws, including Company Laws, Investments Laws, Tax Laws, Manpower Laws, Capital Market Laws, the Prohibition of Monopolies and Unfair Business Competition laws, etc. All of them have a tax impact.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who deeply understand M&A tax laws and regulations to minimize potential tax liabilities and maximize benefits from the transaction.

merger and acquisition

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Transfer Pricing Compliance and International Tax Advisor

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