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Bobby is a highly respected International Tax and Transfer Pricing specialist, with more than 15 years of experience in Tax Administration. He has a solid academic background in accounting, law, and fiscal matters, and he holds a Master of Laws degree in International Tax Law from Leiden University, as well as The IBFD Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation (APCIT), showcasing his commitment to professional development and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in his field.

Bobby’s expertise extends beyond academia. He is an accomplished lecturer and trainer, actively teaching on the topic of international tax, income tax, and transfer pricing in academic institutions and professional courses. His skills in this field have earned him recognition from the International Tax Center, Leiden, where he was the first and only teaching assistant from Indonesia, demonstrating his ability to communicate complex tax concepts effectively.

Bobby is known for his humble demeanor and excellent communication skills, making him a pleasure to work with. His depth of knowledge and experience allows him to provide tailored solutions to complex international tax matters. He is dedicated to delivering quality service to clients, and his commitment to providing practical solutions is unwavering. Bobby is an outstanding partner for individuals and businesses seeking top-tier International Tax and Transfer Pricing guidance.

Highlighted Matters

Bobby’s impressive track record of accomplishments and recognition demonstrates his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft. Some of his most prestigious achievements include:

  • Appointed as a Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) delegation for Indonesia in both 2021 and 2020 by the Director General of Taxes, demonstrating his expertise in resolving international tax disputes.
  • Appointed as a member of the inter-ministerial committee to amend the General Provisions And Tax Procedures Act with a focus on international tax issues in 2021 and 2018, as well as for amending the Income Tax Act in 2019 and 2015 by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, highlighting his expertise in tax legislation and policy.
  • Appointed as a member of the inter-ministerial committee to make the “Undang-Undang Harmonisasi Peraturan Perpajakan” happen, especially in the international tax-related provisions in 2021. This appointment demonstrates his ability to work effectively with key stakeholders to implement changes that promote international tax harmonization and strengthen Indonesia’s tax administration.
  • Awarded as the “3rd Best Staff” as well as “Top 5 Model Employees” out of more than 40,000 employees of the Directorate General of Taxes in 2019, highlighting his exceptional performance and contribution to the organization.


Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation (APCIT)


An Analysis of the Taxation of Indirect Transfers of Assets in China and India

In this article, the author analyses taxation of indirect transfer of assets in China and India, a policy that is adopted to protect their tax base from arrangements in which holdings in companies are disposed to circumvent taxes on capital gain from the sale of assets with substantial value.

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Debunking the Myths of Aggregation Approach in Transfer Pricing

The question of “transaction-by-transaction vs. aggregate approach” in transfer pricing analysis occurs in many countries. This is perceived as one of the most controversial transfer pricing issues faced by tax authorities.

The OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines provide several examples that represent limited situations in which the aggregation basis is preferable. However, the lack of further guidance is considered to exacerbate the problem.

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Indonesia’s ‘special relationship’ concept could trigger ALP in independent transactions

Indonesia’s revised “transactions affected by special relationship” concept could mean certain independent transactions trigger the application of the arm’s-length principle (ALP) if authorities determine a special relationship exists. Nala Kurniawan and Bobby Savero from the Indonesian tax authority explain.

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